SecuBrowser : Run Web Browser in Secure Sandbox

We have previously written about Sandboxie which is a freeware sandbox utility for running all Windows programs inside it, so that any changes made through these programs stay in the sandbox temporarily and the system files or settings are not affected. This way if you get infected while surfing a website inside the sandboxed browser, the changes are contained inside the sandbox, can be later purged and do not affect your system. The SecuBrowser tool is a similar sandboxing program for Windows but unlike Sandboxie, it limits itself to be used with web browsers only. SecuBrowser allows you to run your default web browser inside a secure sandboxed environment so that any attempts to hack into your system or infect it through the web browser are foiled before they can do any real damage.

The SecuBrowser add-on for web browsers is available for Windows XP, 7 and 8. You have to download the installation package, install it in Windows and restart your PC for it to work. After you restart your computer, you would see a new desktop shortcut – Run web browser sandboxed. You can double-click on this shortcut to open your default web browser inside the SecuBrowser sandbox.


Any changes made while running your web browser inside the SecuBrowser sandbox will be kept inside the C:\sbox\username folder, where username is your Windows sign-in username. You can remove all the changes by simply deleting this folder. In fact when you launch the sandboxed browser, it asks you to clean the contents of this folder.


When the sandboxed web browser window is opened, it looks exactly like the normal browser window. So how do you identify which web browser window is sandboxed and which is normal? You can right-click near the top-left corner to open the system menu. It should contain an extra item (s) SANDBOXED indicating that the window belongs to the sandboxed browser.


Conclusion: SecuBrowser is a sandboxing application for Windows allowing you to run web browsers in a secure and sandboxed environment. This way no matter what happens during a browsing sessions (malware infection, hack attack, browser hijacking etc.), you can remove all these changes simply by deleting the sandboxed folder.

You can download SecuBrowser from