Silencer for Chrome : Avoid Facebook Spoiler Posts

So you were busy and your everyday life, could not find the time to watch your favorite TV show and instead recorded it on some TV show recording device like TiVo. But when you checked facebook later, your friends were discussing about the same TV show – spoiling it for you. This is not something anybody wants – it ruins all the fun you would have had watching that TV show or reading a book. If you do not want anyone to spoil the TV shows, sports events or books for your and at the same time enjoy the facebook, then you can use the Silencer extension for Chrome browser.

The Silencer extension for the Chrome browser mutes all the discussions related to a keyword that you specify. For example, if you do not want to see the posts related to the TV show Dexter, then you can use “dexter” as the keyword in Silencer and it will hide all those posts that have “dexter” in them. Similarly, if you do not want to see about yesterday’s baseball match, then type something like “yankees” in the keywords list and so on.

Silencer for Chrome

After the installation of the Silencer extension in Chrome, you can click on its icon in the toolbar, enter a keyword or phrase and click on the Mute button. You can also choose to view the latest trending keywords that other people have muted through the Silencer extension. You can click on Mute Packs and choose one of the packs to mute about a certain event, TV show, book etc. It also shows the TV shows categorized by the services and sports match tournaments.

Conclusion: The Silencer extension can hide unwanted posts on facebook through filtering them by specific keywords. You can use Silencer to mute the posts that can spoil your TV shows, movies, books or sports events.

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