Watch Facebook Videos while Reading Posts Simultaneously in Chrome

Facebook is the top social networking site that millions of people use all over the world to communicate with everyone they know, share pictures and videos with each other and more. When you click on a video posted on someone’s Facebook’s posts stream, the video opens up in such a way that it covers the entire screen and you cannot go back to reading the posts without first closing the video. This is very irritating for people who love to multi-task and do more than one thing at the same time. The Facebook way, you can do only one thing at a time – either watch the video or read the posts and respond to them. But if you are a Google Chrome user, then you can make use of the Facebook Video Player extension to play the videos in their own block. This way you can watch the videos and read the posts on Facebook simultaneously.

After the installation of the Facebook Video Player extension in Chrome, you can visit the Facebook website and start engaging with your friends there. When you see that someone has posted a video hosted on Facebook, you can click on it. But this time, it won’t play covering the whole webpage – rather it would play in a separate block on the right side of the Facebook posts stream.

Facebook Video Player

This way you can write comments on various posts, like the posts and do everything else that you usually do while enjoying the videos on the side. And if you want to enjoy the video full screen, then you can just click on the full-screen option in the video player window and it will cover the entire screen.

Conclusion: Facebook Video Player extension can make the video play in a block on the right-side of the Facebook posts stream, enabling you to enjoy the videos and reading the posts at the same time. This is a great extension for Chrome users who want to multi-task and finish more tasks than one simultaneously.

You can download Facebook Video Player extension for Chrome from