How to Turn off Data Roaming in Android Kitkat

The mobile networks latch on to some other mobile operator’s network when you are not in the area of your own mobile network operator. This is called roaming and it results in extra charges when you make calls, receive calls and use the data services. So if you have been using 3G data connection from your subscribed mobile network operator and as soon as you walk outside their coverage area, your smartphone would switch to data roaming incurring unforeseen cost even if you do not use the data services that much. If you do not want these unexpected data roaming charges, then you can just turn off the data roaming in your Android smartphone.

Here is how you can turn the data roaming off in Android:

  1. Open the system settings in your Android device. You can do this by touching the Apps icon on the home screen and then opening the Settings app.
  2. On the settings screen, select Dual SIM Setting under the Wireless & Networks category. Then select the Roaming option on the next screen that opens up.Turn Data Roaming off in Android
  3. On the Roaming settings screen, select Data roaming to open the data roaming settings.
  4. It would show you a list of SIM cards used by you in your phone (if you use only one SIM, then it would show only one). Uncheck the checkbox shown next to the SIM to turn off the data roaming for that SIM.Turn Data Roaming off in Android
  5. That’s it. Now when you go outside the coverage area of your subscribed mobile network operator, your data services would turn off and you will not waste money on expensive data roaming services.

Conclusion: You can turn off data roaming in Android easily and save your hard earned money from being spent on expensive data roaming services.