How to Make Windows Look Like Android L

After Android Kitkat, Google has launched the new version of Android called Android L (the L is the roman numeral for version 5). If you have not already upgraded your Android smartphone to the latest version Android L, then at least you can make your Windows PC look like Android L , if for nothing else then just to show your love for the Android operating system. This can be easily done using the Android L theme for Windows 7/8 available for free online.

Since the Android L theme for Windows is not signed, you may have to patch your system files (uxtheme.dll), before you can start using this theme. There are many ways to patch your files, but you can use the UxTheme MultiPatcher for this. This program supports all versions of Windows from version 7 to 8.1.

Once your system is ready for the third party themes, then you can download the Android L theme for Windows from The download contains all the necessary files for installing the theme, the dock bar (Rocket Dock) and the XWidget for displaying widgets on your desktop. You have to install all the programs and the theme as per the instructions files inside the downloaded ZIP archive.

Android L Theme for Windows

After the installation is over and your system has rebooted, you would be able to select the new Android L theme by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting Personalization. You can see the icons and color schemes similar to those of the new Android L operating system. You can customize the dock bar and the widgets to your own preferences from their respective options window.

Conclusion: The Android L theme for Windows can make your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC a look into the Android L operating system. The theme can be really exciting for all the Android enthusiasts who want to show off the new Android L looks to their friends using their Windows PC.