Become Instant Rapper with Smule AutoRap for Android

Great rappers like Eminem, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent make you wanna rap like them. But not everyone has the gift of the rapping in style like them. But hey, you can become an instant rapper using the Smule AutoRap app for Android. This app takes your spoken words and twists them round and round to make them sound like a rap song. It also adds the beats of many of the popular songs by famous rappers like Eminem. In fact, you can choose one of the beats, and it will adjust your words around the selected beats. The result is a very professional sounding rap song of your own.

Smule AutoRap

When you launch the Smule AutoRap app for the very first time, it takes you through a tutorial telling you how to record your voice and how to turn your voice into a cool rap song. But at any later time, you have to switch to the beats section of AutoRap app, select one of the beats (not all the beats are free), and then it will give you option to record your voice. You can record simple words that it can turn into rap song or you can try your luck at rapping yourself.

Smule AutoRap

In either case, it will master everything together (your voice, the beats, the music etc.) into a cool sounding rap song. Unfortunately, it does not give any option to save the rap song in form of an audio file. The song is saved on the Smule servers instead and you can challenge other AutoRap users with your rap songs.

But before you can challenge other users with your beats, you have to pick a profile user name. Its a wise idea not to use your real name but choose something funky (stylish) like 50 Cent, Eminem etc. This can be done by selecting the settings section and then picking a name for your profile.

Smule AutoRap

Conclusion: The Smule AutoRap app is going to be your most used app if you are into music and rapping. This amazing app can turn anything you speak into a cool sounding rap song. You can have hours of fun with this app and your friends around you.

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