BattCursor Shows Remaining Notebook Battery Charge Under Mouse Cursor

Notebooks seem to have replaced the older desktop computers finally. These days you do not see any desktop computer except in school laboratories, offices or at the home of some gamers, power users and old schoolers who feel attached emotionally to their decades old computers. The newer notebook computer consume almost 1/10th of the power that a desktop computer consumes, but the battery of a typical notebook computer runs out of charge in 4-5 hours. And its very annoying if the battery runs out when you are in the middle of doing some important work on your notebook. Fortunately, the BattCursor program can show you the remaining battery charge right under the mouse cursor.

After the installation, it asks you to configure the BattCursor application. In the configuration window, you can customize cursor settings, when to display cursor, choose a tray symbol, choose the colors for different battery levels, choose power profiles to save battery power, and more.


After the configuration is saved. The BattCursor application places a system tray icon and displays a battery picture showing the charge remaining in your notebook battery. It also uses Windows battery API to find out how much power is being drained at any moment from your notebook in terms of milli-watts (mW).


And of course, the flagship feature of the BattCursor is its ability to display the amount of charge remaining in the notebook battery right under the mouse cursor. The percentage of the charge is displayed under the cursor. The color of the cursor changes between green, yellow and red to indicate the warning level.


Conclusion: BattCursor is a life saving application to save you from situations when the battery gives up while you are doing some important work on your notebook. The BattCursor makes the battery charge level visible to the user through the mouse cursor, so that you do not procrastinate charging the battery.

You can download the BattCursor application from