Change Your Voice in Android with Simple Voice Changer

The eyes of my older relatives often start gleaming when someone talks about answering machines. The answering machines were very popular back in 1970’s and 80’s. People used to record funny and innovative messages in their answering machines. Some people even bought tapes containing messages recorded by voice artists. Comparing with those days, today we can say that he ringtones in mobile phones have more or less a similar status. You can download all types of ringtones for your mobile phone, but a much more creative approach is to create your own ringtone. And the free Android app Simple Voice Changer can help you create your very own ringtone for your smartphone.

The Simple Voice Changer app allows you to record your voice, apply instant sound effects to it and save the resulting recording into a file or set as a ringtone for your Android smartphone.

You can start recording your voice (or your friends’ voice too if they are near you) by tapping on the large retro microphone picture. The microphone picture turns red when it starts recording your voice. When you have finished speaking into the mic of your smartphone, you can tap on the microphone picture once again to stop the recording. This will show you a list of effects that you can apply.

Simple Voice Changer

There are dozens of voice effects like alien, deep, chipmunks, robot, reverse, echo etc. I found the reverse effect very interesting, as using this effect you can create same kind of recording as in the popular horror movie The Exorcist (1973). After you have applied one of the voice effects, you will be shown a screen that allows you to play the recording, save it to a file or set it as your mobile phone’s ringtone.

Simple Voice Changer

Conclusion: All in all, the Simple Voice Changer is a great app that does what it claims to do, i.e., change the recorded voice using multiple voice effects in a very simple manner. You may find it amusing and using it you can make your own very personal ringtones.

You can get the Simple Voice Changer app from

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