How to Add POP/IMAP Email Accounts in the Gmail Android App

The new version of Android, Android Lollipop has been released. Google has improved and updates many essential apps to work with the Android Lollipop. For example, the Gmail app for Android now not only matches the look and feel of the Lollipop, but it also has options to add more gmail accounts as well as third party accounts that can be accessed through POP or IMAP protocols. This way you can add your email accounts from Yahoo! mail, AOL, and many others in the Gmail app. This also means that you do not have to download extra apps for other email accounts – you can use just one Gmail app for all your email requirements.

If you want to more than one Gmail accounts or third party accounts through POP/IMAP in your Gmail app in Android, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Gmail app in your Android device. Touch the options icon (that looks like three horizontal lines).Add POP IMAP account in Gmail app for Android
  2. This will open the menu for the Gmail app. Scroll down the long menu and
    touch the Settings in this menu.
  3. On the settings screen, you will see options to add a new account. You have to touch the Add account option.Add POP IMAP account in Gmail app for Android
  4. On the new screen that opens, you can choose to add another Gmail account or you can choose to add an IMAP/POP account.
  5. If you choose to add POP/IMAP account, then you would be asked the email address and the password. Gmail app can automatically detect the server settings for you and setup the account, but you can also choose to manually specify the server parameters.Add POP IMAP account in Gmail app for Android

Conclusion: Gmail app for Android is now much more powerful and loaded with features than ever before. Now you can add third party email accounts and access them inside your Gmail app without having to install any extra apps in your Android smartphone.