Detekt Finds Commercial Surveillance Spyware in Windows

A few years ago, the accidental discovery of  the Stuxnet trojan confirmed what had been a faint suspicion so far – state sponsored trojan programs were being used for spying and surveillance. Since then many of similar surveillance trojans have been exposed by the security researchers and the security software firms. Now some of the companies are actually selling industry strength surveillance spyware that can be used to spy on anyone’s activities, steal their data and more. Fortunately, the free and open-source Detekt program can scan and find some of these commercially available surveillance spyware like FinFisher in your Windows PC.

The Detekt program is an open source and standalone program. Since it is portable program, you do not have to install anything in Windows. You can just download the Detekt program, copy it to your USB flash drive and run it from there on any of your PC. The program must be run with the administrative privileges (right-click on detekt.exe and then choose Run as administrator from the context-menu) for proper scanning.

If you are connected to the internet then the program warns you to disconnect your PC from the internet before proceeding. You can simply power off your modem or router to switch off the internet connection. You are also advised to close all the open windows before you proceed and begin the scanning by clicking on the Scan Now! button.


The scanning will go on for a few minutes and then you will see the results. If it does not find any spyware, then it will inform you of the fact in a green colored text. But if it does find some trojan or surveillance spyware, then you will be given a full report of the findings in the red color. It will also show some of the contact addresses where you can find more help to get rid of the spyware detected or suspected.


The Detekt program does not guarantee that it will detect all the spyware or even the most common spyware like DarkComet trojan. These spyware programs keep continuously updating themselves to avoid being detected. If you are suspicious that your PC is infected, then you should quickly seek some professional help.

Conclusion: Detekt can quickly tell you if your Windows system is infected by some of the most common surveillance trojan programs. It does not instantly remove the detected trojans, but offers some contact addresses where you may seek further help.

You can download the Detekt program from