F-Secure Freedome : Secure VPN Service for Android

Virtual Private Networking (or VPN in short) is often used to encrypt the data that is being transferred between your computer and the internet. It can also be used to hide your IP address from all the web sites that you access on the internet. F-Secure, one of the leaders in the field of computer security, has brought a new VPN service called F-Secure Freedome for all the Android smartphone users that both encrypts the data being transferred and hides your IP address. Unlike some other VPN services, F-Secure Freedome allows you to choose from dozens of VPN server locations across the world.

The F-Secure Freedome app for Android is perhaps the easiest to use VPN client. After launching the app, you have to touch the ON/OFF push button in the center and it will toggle the VPN service status from OFF to ON state and vice versa. You can see a small key icon in the status area indicating that your device is being protected by F-Secure Freedome.

F-Secure Freedome

By default, F-Secure Freedome app enables all types of protections that it provides along with the VPN service – tracking protection, browsing protection, virus protection, and connection protection. You can swipe the screen down to enable or disable any of these protections if you wish. Similarly, you can swipe up the screen to see how much protection the F-Secure Freedome has provided far.

Changing the server location is also a breeze. You can change the VPN server location by touching the location name and then selecting one of the available VPN server locations. It offers more than a dozen different VPN server locations worldwide.

In the settings for F-Secure Freedome app, you  can choose to let it automatically start at Android boot and protect your device right away. You can also toggle the display of the F-Secure Freedome icon in the status area of the Android screen.

F-Secure Freedome

Conclusion: All in all, the F-Secure Freedome VPN service for Android is one of the best VPN solutions available to the Android users. It is loaded with extra protection features like virus protection and tracking protection. As it comes from a reputed security firm like F-Secure, you can trust it with your eyes closed.

You can get the F-Secure Freedome app for Android from https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/freedome.