How to Enable and Use Forget Feature in Firefox

The latest version of Firefox has come up with even more privacy features. One of these new features is called “Forget”. This new forget feature lets you remove the online activity in your Firefox browser in the past five minutes to twenty four hours. This is basically a quick access tool to remove recent browsing history from the Firefox browser. It can be used to quickly get rid of the online activity that can lead to exposure of some of your personal information. For example, you can use this new forget feature after a session of online shopping to remove any cookies and other browsing information.

This new forget feature exists in the version 33.1.1 and above of Firefox browser. As you upgrade to the latest version of Firefox, it will introduce to this new feature automatically. But you can also manually enable this feature and add it to the Firefox toolbar in the following manner:

  1. In the Firefox window, click on the three horizontal lines icon that appears near the top-right corner and then click on the Customize button.Forget Feature in Firefox
  2. You will find a new icon labeled “Forget” in the left side panel. Select this “Forget” icon and drag it on to the Firefox toolbar anywhere you please.Forget Feature in Firefox
  3. Click on the Exit Customize button to close the customization interface.
  4. Now that the Forget icon is in the Firefox toolbar, you can click on it and select to forget about the past 5 minutes, 2 hours or 24 hours.Forget Feature in Firefox
  5. This will close all the open tabs, delete the cookies and the browsing history in the past specified time range and open a new clean window.

Conclusion: The Forget feature in Firefox provides a quick and easy way to erase the browsing history for past few minutes or hours. It can be used for fast removal of your sensitive personal information after a session of private online activity.