Fake Call & SMS for Android : Receive Fake Calls to Yourself

There are many people that we come across in our daily life that bore us to death and suck all our energy out by incessantly talking about negative things. We try hard to steer clear of their way, but somehow they find a way to mysteriously appear in front of us from nowhere and start a never ending boring conversation. One of the methods that I use to quickly get out of such situations is to ask my friends to make a call to me so that I can use an important call as an excuse to get rid of the unwanted conversation. Actually the same thing can be achieved just by using the Fake Call & SMS app for Android even when you do not have a friend nearby to rescue you.

The Fake Call & SMS app for Android allows you to make fake calls to yourself in the time of need. You can use these fake calls to your benefit in many different ways depending on your creativity level. You can excuse yourself from an undesirable situation citing an important call from your unwell mother who needs you urgently. Or you can make your boyfriend/girlfriend jealous by flaunting a call coming from a very attractive person.

As you launch the Fake Call & SMS app in your Android smartphone (it is displayed under the name of Call Assistant), it presents you with four options – quick call, call, quick message and message. The difference between quick call/sms and plain call/sms is that the quick versions requires less options to be set.

Fake Calls & SMS for Android

For any type of call, you can choose either to use a Private Number so that caller’s phone number is not displayed. But this feature is available only in a few countries like the US and the Canada. If you try to use this feature elsewhere, then you will be quickly found out by anyone having half a brain.

You can type a phone number (that a call appears to come from), choose the picture & name of the caller, ring tone, scheduled time of making the call, call duration, the sound that plays when you accept the call (you can choose any MP3 file for this), choose call type (incoming, outgoing, missed) and choose call screen for any Android versions. Finally, touching on the Save button will schedule the fake call (on some of the phones, you have to scroll down the screen to see more options and the “Save” button).

Fake Calls & SMS for Android

The Quick Call option works more or less like the Call option, only it has less options to configure  – so that you can make a fake call much quicker – making it ideal for tight situations where you have to receive a fake call in a few seconds or minutes. Unfortunately, the fake message options do not work if you have a smartphone running on Android version 4.4 and above.

When the clock hits the time set in the schedule, your smartphone will show the usual screen of receiving a call (or making a call depending on the configuration) and play the selected ringtone. You can show this screen to the parties that you want to excuse yourself from. You can also choose to talk to the fake caller and act as if you are talking to a real person – whatever helps you get you out of the unwanted situation. You can watch the “George Castanza” character in the popular “Seinfeld” sitcom of the years bygone, to have some pointers about fake calls and acting during these calls.

Fake Calls & SMS for Android

Conclusion: The Fake Call & SMS app for Android is the ultimate tool for quickly getting out of unwanted and undesirable conversations and situations. Through this app, you can receive fake calls on your smartphone and use them to your benefit as and when you want.

You can get the Fake Call & SMS app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.popularapp.fakecall.