Prepare Windows for Playing Games with ToolWiz GameBoost

The hardcore gamers build and use a separate high end system for the sole purpose of playing the computer games. They design the system in such a way as to boost the game performance and do not use the system for anything else – document editing, graphics designing or printing. But other people who are casual game players use the same system for all their needs – both their work and for having some fun. On such systems that are used for many different activities you should stop background programs and services before playing the computer games so that more of the system resources are available for the games.

You can do this all manually yourself, or the free ToolWiz GameBoost can do this automatically for you in a matter of seconds. This simple and small application can defrag the folder containing your game files, stop many of the unnecessary background services and programs to give the running computer games a big portion of the system resources.

All you have to do is launch the ToolWiz GameBoost program, and click on the Enter GameBoost Mode button. Before you do that, you can choose a folder containing game files that you want to be defragged (it should not be done if you are using a SSD disk). Other boost options that can you can select include are stopping hotkey support, stopping network share, stopping proxy discovery, stopping Windows update, stopping printer support, stopping Aero glass and more.

ToolWiz GameBoost

After entering the GameBoost mode, you can continue to play your intended computer game and enjoy it as long as you want. After you have done hours of game play, you can come back to the ToolWiz GameBoost and click on the Quit GameBoost Mode to revert all the changes that it made for boosting your system for playing games.

Conclusion: ToolWiz GameBoost can configure your system to improve its performance for having a better computer games experience. It stops the unnecessary background services and running programs to make more system resources available for your computer games.

You can download ToolWiz GameBoost from