NitroShare : Easily Share Files on Local Network

In these days when every office and every household is equipped with one or other type of WiFi router, it can be assumed that you already have a local network that connects all your devices together. With a local network present, you can send and receive files easily across all the connected devices through this local network without using the internet. If you have some knowledge of networking then you can do it directly without requiring any special tools. But if your knowledge of network is not good enough, then you can use the free NitroShare tool to easily share the files over the local network.

The NitroShare tool connects all the computers available on the local network and makes them ready to send or receive files. You have to install NitroShare on all the computers that you want to send and receive files from. Since NitroShare is available for both Windows and Linux, you can use both Linux and Windows computers on the network. The only requirement is that all the computers must use the same local network.

After the installation, NitroShare can automatically detect the network settings or it gives you options to configure them manually. It is better to run the installation on at least two computers at the same time, so both of them can be detected on the network by each other. You can install NitroShare on other computers at any later time.


After the configuration and network discovery is complete, it places a ShareBox on your screen. You can drag-n-drop your files over this ShareBox to send them to the other computers. You can also create ShareBoxes that send the files to a specific computer on the network.


As soon as you drop one or more files on this ShareBox, it asks for the destination computer. If you have created ShareBoxes targeting only a particular computer on the network, then it is not going to ask for destination but will send the files immediately – which is great if you send a lot of files to a specific computer.


On the computer that receives the files, you will see a prompt to accept the files. It will show you a list of all the files you are going to receive along with their file names and file sizes. You can click on the Yes button to accept the files or No to reject the files.


In the settings for NitroShare, you can choose the destination folder where the received files are kept (by default, they are saved in your Windows or Linux desktop folder), you can choose to receive files automatically without having to accept them each time, configure the networking settings and more.


Conclusion: NitroShare is a simple file sharing utility that enables easy file sharing over the local network. Even if you do not know anything about networking, the NitroShare utility can help you transfer files on local network in a few seconds.

You can download NitroShare from

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