Listsp : Manage Processes, Services, Drivers and Network in Windows

When people talk of a good process manager for Windows, the Sysinternals tools come to mind. But Sysinternal tools are available separately – each tool handles something specific, for example, Process Manager handles processes, Autoruns handles startup items, TCP View handles network connection and so on. But if you want these all features in one places, then you may want to try the open source tool Listsp. It is an advanced Windows utility that allows you to manage processes, services, installed drivers and the network connections in Windows – all in one window.

As you launch the Listsp, it takes some time to scan through your system for all the running processes and collect information for them. The image name, process ID, priority, memory usage, threads etc., are displayed in the window for each of the processes. You can right-click on any of the processes to stop, suspend or resume them. You can also change the process priorities to give them smaller or larger share of your computer’s power.


The Services section works pretty much similar to the process manager section, except in this section you would be managing the services instead of the processes. You can stop, disable or start a service. You can also delete any of the services. In the Drivers section, you are able to view a list of all the installed drivers and delete them if necessary.

The Network section shows you a list of all the connections to or from your computer. It displays the process involved in the connection, local IP, remote IP and ports. You can close any of these connections if needed.

Conclusion: Listsp is a Windows system utility that allows you to manage processes, services, installed drivers and active network connections. It is a useful tool for Windows system administrators to perform some of the routine system tasks.

You can download Listsp tool from