Plant Trees in Brazil for Free by using EcoLink in Firefox

Brazil has a vast forest area – mostly the dense rain-forests fueled by the Amazon river. Almost 60% of the Amazon rain-forest is contained in the Brazil alone. May be this is why Brazil is said to generate a major portion of the oxygen supply needed to survive for us on this planet. But these forests are being cut down at an alarming rate to fulfill the ever growing requirements of the Brazil’s booming industrial economy. This is a reason for panic – if the depletion of green forest area in Brazil continues at this rate, then we will not be able to see any Amazon rain-forests in the near future.

We should all make efforts to stop the unnecessary damage to the forests and promote replanting of the trees. If you can do nothing else, then you can install the EcoLink extension in Firefox to help the EcoLink organization  plant one tree in Brazil.

EcoLink Plant Trees for Free

After installing the EcoLink extension if you use any of the major search engines like Yahoo!, it will show EcoLink sponsored search results. If you shop something online through these links, then 10% of your total shopping debit will be sent to the EcoLink organization helping them plant trees in Brazil. This will not cost you anything extra and you will have promoted the tree planting for free.

EcoLink Plant Trees for Free

The EcoLink organization also has a search engine of its own that you can also use to search for items to shop. Just like with other search engines, it also displays EcoLink sponsored links that will help plant the trees if you shop online through them.

EcoLink Plant Trees for Free

Conclusion: EcoLink is a nice effort towards making this planet a better and more inhabitable green planet. It helps you plant trees in Brazil without intervening in your online activities or charging you for anything.

You can get the EcoLink browser extension from