Ubuntu Linux Look for Android Smartphone with Ubuntu Launcher

If you have been using Ubuntu Linux for some time, then you might have familiarized yourself with the Unity interface. The Unity interface in Ubuntu Linux makes working with this operating system very easy – you can easily search for the documents, music, videos, files, and launch programs. If you want to have the same Ubuntu Unity interface in your Android smartphone, then you can use the Ubuntu Launcher for Android. It is a small app that mimics the original Unity launcher of Ubuntu in your smartphone. For added aesthetical purposes, you can also choose a Ubuntu wallpaper for your Android device to give it a complete Ubuntu look.

Ubuntu Launcher for Android

The Ubuntu Launcher app is less than 1 MB in size but works like a full blown Unity Launcher. You can set it as the default Android launcher to be used every time you touch the homescreen button. On the left side of the launcher, you will see shortcuts to the various running apps and the Unity Launcher settings. If you touch the Unity icon, you would be able to search for the apps an files as usual.

Ubuntu Launcher for Android

In the Unity Launcher settings, you can choose a custom wallpaper for the launcher (you can google for Ubuntu wallpapers), choose to display settings icon on the top, set opacity for the sidebar, set width size for the sidebar, set the opacity of the app icons and more.

Ubuntu Launcher for Android

Conclusion: The Ubuntu Launcher app for Android adds a little Ubuntu flavor to your Android smartphone. It looks exactly like the Unity launcher of the Ubuntu desktop linux and provides easy access to all of the apps, files and the settings.

You can get the Ubuntu Launcher app for Android from https://ubuntu.robinj.be/.


    1. I am really sorry, I have corrected the links. I took screenshots in Android, but wrote everything from a Windows PC and made a mistake while googling the links. Please accept my apologies. Congratulations for creating a really great app !

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