ProcessAlive Automatically Re-Spawns Closed Programs

There are certain programs that you want to keep running all the time on your PC. Aside from the security software like your antivirus product, there are many other applications like torrent clients and bit coin miners that should always be running for the maximum benefits and quicker results. Though the reasons of them getting closed down by themselves are relatively fewer, these programs could stop running because of the random error. Instead of restarting these programs manually yourself, you can use the free ProcessAlive utility to re-spawn them as soon as they are closed for any reason.

The ProcessAlive utility is a freeware application that allows you to select any of the programs from your computer that you want to always keep running. If these programs require administrative privileges, then you should launch ProcessAlive with administrative privileges so that you do not have to agree to the UAC prompt each time a program is re-spawned.

In order to add the programs to be re-launched over and over again as soon as they are closed, you have to click on the green add button and choose the program files. For example, if you want the Windows Notepad to be forever re-spawned, then you have to choose and add notepad.exe to the list.


After adding programs to the list, you can click on the big button that says Keep these programs alive. This will cause the ProcessAlive to minimize in the system tray and start monitoring the running programs. As soon as any of the listed programs are closed, ProcessAlive re-launches it. The only way to stop the re-spawning is to right-click on the ProcessAlive program’s icon in the system tray and choose Stop monitoring programs option from the context-menu.


Conclusion: ProcessAlive re-spawns selected programs as soon as they are closed and prevents them from shutting down for a long time. This can be useful if you want to run certain programs forever without worrying about them closing down behind your back because of some error or other discrepancy.

You can download ProcessAlive from