How to Edit Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

Like all the other web browsers, Mozilla Firefox also allows you to save the passwords in the browser for later use. This is a very useful feature if you have to sign in to some web based accounts on a regular basis. Firefox shows the password saving prompt when you enter the username and password on any login web page. For example, when you enter your username and password on the Yahoo! Mail webpage, you would quickly see the password saving prompt from Firefox. But once you have saved the password in Firefox, it does not let you update or edit it without having to try to sign in to the same website all over again.

Using the Saved Password Editor extension for Firefox, you can edit all the saved passwords (and usernames) in Firefox without having to visit any particular webpage for which the password is meant for.

After you install the Saved Password Editor extension in Firefox, you can open the Saved Password window quickly from the menubar by accessing Tools → Saved Passwords. You can also open it by opening the Firefox Options window, switching to the Security section and clicking on the Saved Passwords button.

Saved Password Editor for Firefox

The Saved Passwords window that you see is same as before, just one more option has been added – ability to add, edit or clone the passwords. In order to edit any of the saved passwords, you can select it and then select Edit from the new option. You can also choose to Clone any of the saved passwords before editing it.

Saved Password Editor for Firefox

When you choose to edit a password, a new window opens up where you can edit the username, webpage address and the password. In some saved password sets, you can also choose to edit the names for the password and username fields on a webpage.

Saved Password Editor for Firefox

Conclusion: It is easy to edit the saved passwords, clone them or add new saved password manually in Firefox using the Saved Password Editor extension. You can use it to edit the saved passwords without having to visit the respective login webpages.

You can install the Saved Password Editor extension for Firefox from

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  1. This Extension is not available and No longer works on New Firefox Quantum
    Is there any similar extension.. dont want to use any of those Password managers….


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