Protect Eyes from Blue Light with Bluelight Filter for Android

After the famous Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman disclosed the news about his third skin cancer surgery, people have become a little skeptical about going to bathe in the Sun on the beaches and and in the parks. The fear of getting cancerous growth through the ultraviolet radiations of the Sun has become stronger. But very few people know that the Sun is not the only source of ultraviolet source around us. Even the smartphone screen that we keep staring into day and night, emits near-ultraviolet or blue light radiation. Since blue light is not actually ultraviolet light, you are not exposed to the risk of getting cancer but blue light coming from smartphone screens is harmful for our eyes and cause vision impairment over a prolonged periods of time.

If you want to reduce the blue light radiation a little in your smartphone, then you can use the free Bluelight Filter app in your Android based smartphones. The app adjusts the color of your screen to reduce the blue level and gives instant relief from eye strain. Since blue light radiation can keep you awake, by using the Bluelight Filter app you can actually fall asleep at night without any problems.

As you launch the  Bluelight Filter app, it turns on the blue light filter and your screen stats to look like an old newspaper from the early twentieth century. The following screenshots show you the difference between the screens with Bluelight Filter on and off.

Bluelight Filter for Android

Bluelight Filter allows you to customize the filter opacity by dragging the slider control from 0% to 80%. At 0% the Bluelight Filter is essentially off and at 80% your screen looks very dim and pale. You can also choose a filter color from natural, yellow, brown, red or black. You can even choose to enable the Bluelight Filter app on Android startup.

Bluelight Filter for Android

Conclusion: Bluelight Filter app for Android can reduce the strain on your eyes that may be caused by using your smartphone for longer durations of time. Using this simple app in your Android device, you can preserve, prolong and protect your eye sight from the possible damages caused by the blue light.

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  1. Thank you for this very useful article !

    I found another app that seems even better (more settings and no in-app purchases) called “Twilight”.


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