Sign PDF Documents with SignEasy for Android

Working as a freelancer, I have seen that it is a common requirement of the employers to have the NDA (non disclosure agreement) signed by you, before they hire you for their projects. Usually this requires that you take a print copy of the agreement PDF file sent by them, sign the printed paper using a ball pen, scan the signed paper copy and send the scanned copy to the prospective employer. But if you are not close to your printer or scanner in your office or home, then it can become a problem. Fortunately, the SignEasy app for Android can help you out. The SignEasy app for Android allows you to sign the PDF files right on your smartphone, using your finger or stylus as a pen and save the PDF document – making the otherwise lengthy PDF signing processes a mere 10 seconds job.

SignEasy app requires that you sign up for a free account before it takes you to the screen where you are able to choose documents to sign. It has a dummy document that you can experiment with before starting to sign actual documents. Under the Original section, you can touch the plus sign to browse and add the documents of many kinds to the list.

SignEasy for Android

Once a document is selected, it is opened and shown in the SignEasy viewer. You can touch the pen icon on the top-right corner and choose Signature to start signing the document. If you have not used the app before, you are shown a signature screen where you can use your finger or stylus to create a signature. If you have already created your signature before, then it just drops the signature on the open document after which you can increase/decrease the signature size and change its position.

SignEasy for Android

If you have not created a signature before, then it shows you the signature creation screen. Here you can use a stylus or your fingers to create a signature. It is similar to signing a paper. Instead of a paper and pen, you are using your smartphone screen and finger. You can change the pen color, erase it and resign and save it to your signature file.

SignEasy for Android

After positioning the signature and resizing it to fit your needs on the document, you can touch the Save button on the top the save the document as a PDF file. SignEasy can open many types of documents, for example, JPEG images etc., but it saves them all as PDF documents.

Conclusion: SignEasy can make it signing the PDF documents a matter of seconds. All you need is your Android smartphone and SignEasy, and you can start signing the PDF documents instantly.

You can get the SignEasy app for Android from