How to Remove Autorun.inf Set by UsbFix Vaccination

Sometimes the security tools over do their jobs and make a mess of the common PC settings. Many such tools have been known to do this, for example, ComboFix and UsbFix. The UsbFix tool that we recently reviewed vaccinates all the disk drives it finds on your system including the hard disk drives in addition to the removable USB disks. This is done by creating hard to remove folders named “autorun.inf” in the root path of the disk drives. Its a pity that there is no option to un-vaccinate the drives in the UsbFix tool and as such no way to remove these “autorun.inf” folders. With these special folders in place, you cannot set the volume labels for the disk drives in the Windows File Explorer.

Fortunately, you can remove these “autorun.inf” vaccination folders using another third party tool called MKV. Here is how:

  1. Download the MKV vaccination and unvaccination tool from
  2. Double-click on the downloaded MKV.exe file to launch it. This button is not in English, but you can use it anyway.Remove UsbFix Tool Vaccination
  3. Click on the button labeled Supprimer la vaccination which translates to “remove the vaccination”. Clicking on this button will quickly close File Explorer and remove the “autorun.inf” folders created by the UsbFix tool.
  4. You will see a message box saying that the removal of the vaccination has been successful.Remove UsbFix Tool Vaccination

Conclusion: UsbFix tool creates autorun.inf folders for vaccination against autorun virus in all the hard disk drives. But unlike some other tools like Panda USB Vaccine, it does not give any options to remove the vaccination. Using the free MKV tool, you can remove the vaccination folders set by UsbFix tool easily. After the removal of the autorun.inf folders, you will be once again able to change the disk drive names in the Windows File Explorer.


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