How to Restart Firefox Browser Automatically After a Preset Time

Mozilla Firefox is considered one of the most secure and configurable web browser. This is why it is so popular is the first choice of the security experts. But it is a big memory hog and can quickly consume nearly one gigabyte of your system memory. If you have large physical memory (RAM) modules installed then you do not really have to worry about the memory consumption from Firefox. But if your computer has only 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM installed, then Firefox can make your system a little sluggish after continued use over many hours. One of the tricks to reduce memory consumption of Firefox is MemoryFox, but that works only on Windows computers. You can also use the Time Restart extension for Firefox to keep restarting the browser after a preset amount of time duration and keep it at the lower end of the memory consumption scale.

The Time Restart extension has only one function – to restart the Firefox browser after a pre-specified duration of time. After the installation of this extension in Firefox, you have to visit the Add-ons screen that you can open by typing about:addons in the Firefox address bar. You can also this screen by from the menubar by accessing Tools → Add-ons. On the Add-ons screen, you can open the options for the Time Restart extension by clicking on the Options button next to it.

Time Restart for Firefox

In the Time Restart extension options, you can choose the time duration (30 minutes by default), a warning time period (3 minutes by default), and whether you want to see a warning if you manually restart the web browser by clicking on the Time Restart icon in the Firefox toolbar.

Time Restart also adds an icon in the Firefox toolbar clicking on which you can manually restart the Firefox browser. Unfortunately, this icon does not allow any other action like opening the options or choosing a restart time period.

Time Restart for Firefox

Conclusion: Time Restart extension is ideal if you have to restart the Firefox web browser automatically after some pre-specified period of time. Restarting the Firefox browser every 30 minutes can lower the amount of memory consumed by it.

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