EVACopy : Free Backup Tool for Windows

In these days of new threats like ransomware, security experts are advising everyone to keep a regular backup of their files. Keeping a backup is the only solution to fend yourself against events that may cause accidental loss of your data – fire, storm, malware attack, hackers, hard disk failure and so on. While Windows itself comes with a backup feature of its own, you may find much easier to use tools like EVACopy to suit your needs. EVACopy has a special versioning feature that is able to save different versions of your files in the backup – so that even if files are modified, you will be able to restore the older versions of the files at the click of a button.

EVACopy is a portable backup tool. You can download it, extract the contents of the ZIP archive to a folder and run EVACopy.exe from there. When run for the first time, EVACopy  launches the basic configuration utility that allows you to set the folders that you want to backup and a destination folder for keeping the backup files. You can also choose whether you want to run the backup tasks automatically or manually.

EVACopy Backup Tool

After the configuration has been saved, it will place an icon in the system tray of your Windows PC. The very first time, you will have to run the backup task manually from this system tray icon. You have to right-click on this system tray icon, and then select Backup Now → All. The system tray icon blinks to show that a backup task is being performed.

EVACopy Backup Tool

Later whenever you have to restore any of the backed up files, you can choose Restore a File option from the EVACopy system tray context menu. This will allow you to choose one or more files from the backup to be restored. If there are more than one versions of the same file, then you can also choose any of the versions from the Time section.

EVACopy Backup Tool

Conclusion: EVACopy is perhaps the best free backup software that Windows users can use for keeping a regular backup of their important files. It can even backup the different versions of the same file, so you never have to worry about overwriting the old backup with newer files.

You can download EVACopy backup tool from http://evacopy.sourceforge.net/.