SuperEasy Codec Checker Finds Codec Required to Play Media Files

Many times we spend many hours in downloading video files from the internet but they fail to play on the computer once the download is finished. There may be many reasons that can cause this problem – the video files are corrupt, they are DRM protected or you do not have required video or audio codecs needed to play these files. In the latter case, you can just install the codecs in your Windows computer and the media files will start to play instantly. But which codecs do you really need to play a particular file? The SuperEasy Codec Checker might give you the answer of this question.

SuperEasy Codec Checker can analyze and detect any media file and tell you which codecs it needs to be played on your computer. After the SuperEasy Codec Checker launched, you can click on the Open video/audio files button and select any of the video or audio files on your computer. It will immediately show a list about the loaded media file information. The needed codecs are usually shown under the Video stream or Audio stream section.

SuperEasy Codec Checker

It also has a FourCC section which shows you about the FourCC codes inside the media file. It not only shows the current FourCC codes from the media file, but it also allows you to modify them. This should be done only by experienced users who know about FourCC codes. You can check the FourCC codes from the FourCC website.

Conclusion: SuperEasy Codec Checker makes it easy to find which codecs are required to play a media file. You can even change the FourCC codes inside the media file to make it play using other compatible codecs.

You can download SuperEasy Codec Checker from