UpdateStar AppCleaner Cleans Left Behind Garbage in Windows

Every program that you use in Windows stores some data either in form of files or in the Windows registry. Over the time, some of this data gets obsolete but careless programs do not remove it and it keeps accumulating – sometimes taking up multiple gigabytes of hard disk space. Windows offers a basic Disk Cleanup utility that helps cleaning some of this garbage data, but it does not support cleaning off the data left behind third party programs. If you want a thorough cleanup of your Windows PC, then you can try the free AppCleaner utility from UpdateStar.

The UpdateStar AppCleaner utility is able to scan your PC for more than 2,000 programs, find the residue data left behind by them and clean it up in a matter of seconds. In addition, it also offers many useful tools like programs uninstaller, startup manager and system restore points manager etc.

As you launch the AppCleaner program, it scans your system for all the installed software and then shows a list of detected application categorized under different tabs like Apps, Browsers, Registry and Windows. You can choose the applications that you want to cleanup the garbage data from, and then click on the either Analyze or the Clean button. The Analyze button just shows you a summary of all the junk data that would be removed, while the Clean button actually cleans it up.

UpdateStar AppCleaner

Under the Tools section, you can find various tools like the uninstall manager, startup manager and the system restore manager. The uninstall manager tool allows you to view and remove the installed software from your computer. The startup manager allows you to remove or disable any of the auto-starting apps in your system. The system restore tool allows you to remove some of the obsolete system restore points to free up the taken up hard disk space.

UpdateStar AppCleaner

In the Options for AppCleaner, you can choose the deletion methods for cleaning up files and wiping out the free space. It supports all the popular secure deletion methods like DoD, NSA and Gutmannn. In most cases, the simple delete method would be sufficient. You can also choose to ignore certain locations on your hard disk from being scanned for junk.

UpdateStar AppCleaner

Conclusion: UpdateStar AppCleaner is a simple, fast and portable application that is capable of removing the garbage left behind by various programs. It supports over 2,000 programs and can perform secure erase to completely wipe out data. This program is ideal choice if you are looking for cleaning personal data like browser history and improving overall system performance.

You can download UpdateStar AppCleaner http://client.updatestar.com/en/appcleaner/.