SyncDroid : Backup Android Data to Your PC

Just like I refresh or reinstall the Windows operating system on my desktop computer from time to time, I have got in the habit of resetting my Android phone every 2-3 months or so. The reason why I do this is because after installing so many apps from the Google Play store, they tend to store so much junk files in the phone that even Clean Master is not able to restore the lost space back. But before I reset the phone, I backup my Android smartphone’s data to my PC so that I can restore it immediately after a quick reset. I use SyncDroid to backup my Android data on my Windows PC. It can backup text messages, call logs, contacts, browser bookmarks, albums, pictures, videos and audio files. For the app backup, I use the App Backup and Restore app.

In order to use SynDroid to backup your Android data on your Windows PC, you have to install both the SynDroid Android app in your smartphone and the SynDroid Windows client in your PC. After this, you can launch the SynDroid app in your phone and note down the WiFi connection code. SynDroid also allows connection over USB cable, but connecting over WiFi is much easier.

SyncDroid Android Backup

Then launch the SynDroid Windows client in your PC, select WiFi connection and then enter the code you have noted down in your Android phone. Of course, your phone and the PC both should be connected to the same WiFi network for this to work. If you do not have a WiFi network, then you can choose to connect via the USB cable.

SyncDroid Android Backup

After you have connected the Android phone to your PC over WiFi or USB cable, it will show you two options for your phone – backup and restore. If you choose the backup option, you will be able to select different items that you can backup like the SMS, contacts, call logs, videos, audio files, etc. After choosing a backup name, you can click on the Backup button to start the backup. It will take a few minutes to backup everything in your computer.

SyncDroid Android Backup

The restore option works similar to the backup function. After you have reset your Android phone, you can connect it again to the SyncDroid and choose the restore option, select the backup, select the items that you want to restore and finally click on the Restore button. This will restore all the things back to your mobile phone as they were before.

SyncDroid Android Backup

Conclusion: SyncDroid is an excellent backup solution for your Android devices. It can backup all the important data from your Android device and quickly restore it in case you lose the data or accidentally delete some of it.

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