Lock Keyboard & Mouse in Windows with KeyboardLock

If you have cute kittens in your house, then it becomes virtually impossible to watch a TV show or movie online over Netflix or Hulu etc. Every time you sit down to watch something on your notebook or desktop computer, your cat jumps at the keyboard and opens Microsoft Word instead – as if she wants to write her autobiography. You can pick the cat up, let her go out but she returns soon to finish her work. The only way to watch a movie in peace is to lock the keyboard and mouse after playing the movie, video or TV show on your computer.

We have previously discussed the the free keyboard locker software from 100dof which is specially geared towards protecting your keyboard from the attacks of your young children. But another free software KeyboardLock can also be used to completely lock the keyboard and mouse to prevent any changes being made by your little kids or kittens alike.

The free KeyboardLock software is not a security software as it can easily be turned off – but it provides sufficient protection from the paws of your cats. After the installation, you can launch it from its desktop shortcut and provide a keyboard lock password which is “cake” by default. You can click on the Start button to start the keyboard locking service.


After locking the keyboard and mouse, you can enjoy watching your movie,TV show or anything else that interests you. Your cats and little kids can do anything they want to your keyboard – they can break it, create a mess on it, but they won’t be able to stop you from enjoying your show or movie.

After you have finished watching the movie (or TV show), you can click on the Stop button in the KeyboardLock window to stop it from locking the keyboard. Now the keyboard is ready to be used once again.


Conclusion: KeyboardLock is perhaps the easiest way to prevent your kids or kittens from playing around with your keyboard and make a mess of your the data stored in your computer. You can also use this to enjoy some TV shows or movies on your computer without worrying about your cats or kids playing with the keyboard.

You can download KeyboardLock software from http://www.amberfish.net/.