How to Turn off Bundles in Google Inbox App

Google Inbox is the latest offering from the Google. It is currently available only through personal invites (you have to ask for an invite by sending a request email message to Google). There are many new things in the Google Inbox that are not present in the regular GMail app. For example, Inbox comes with a new feature called Bundles through which it can categorize the email messages that your receive in various bundles like promos, forums, finance, travel, purchases etc. This can be extremely helpful if you are looking for a particular email. For example, if you buy something from, then the purchase confirmation email message is put into the “Purchases” bundle.

But depending on your email usage, you may not want all these bundles to be turned on. If you do not want any of these bundles that come with Inbox, then you can turn them off easily. Here is how:

  1. Launch the Inbox app in your Android smartphone. When the Inbox app is running, touch the menu icon (looks like three horizontal lines) and scroll down to view a list of all the bundles available for you.
  2. You would see the names of the bundles like Travel, Purchase, Finance, Social, Updates and so on. Select the one that you want to turn off.Turn off Google Inbox Bundles
  3. Upon selection of any of the bundles from the list, it will show you all the email messages categorized for it. You have to touch on the gear-like icon to open the settings related for the selected bundles.
  4. On the settings screen that opens, you can toggle on or off the bundling of the messages under the selected bundle category.Turn off Google Inbox Bundles
  5. That’s it. If you turn off the message bundling under any category, the messages already under that category will not be removed.

Conclusion: Google’s new Inbox bundles the messages together to save your time when searching for specific messages. But if you do not want any of the bundle categories that come with Inbox, then you can easily turn them off.