UserBenchmark is Very Fast PC Hardware Benchmarking Tool

When it comes to benchmarking the hardware of your PC, people suggest very hardcore and industrial strength benchmarking software like 3DMark, AIDA, Passmark, Futuremark etc. All these software are highly capable of doing what they claim to do, but they take too much time in benchmarking your hardware. If you want to quickly benchmark the hardware of your PC, then you can use the much simpler tool called UserBenchMark. This software tests basic components of your PC – hard disk, USB disks, CPU and the GPU  – and does them in only less than 5 minutes.

The UserBenchmark software is available both as an installer as well as a portable application. When launched, it shows you a screen where you are told which of the components are to be benchmarked. It does not let you select or unselect any if these components – it benchmarks them all. As you click on the Run button, the benchmarking starts and can go on for 5 to 10 minutes which is not a very long time compared to some other more popular benchmarking software.


After the benchmarking is finished, it will automatically upload the data to the UserBenchmark website and display it in your default web browser. The results show the overall health of your PC, and its overall speed in a comparison to computer having similar hardware configurations. It also displays the individual ratings of various hardware components like processor, graphics, boot drive, memory and the OS version.

At the bottom of the benchmarking results page, it also shows the hardware components and their individual benchmarking results from other users across the world. It is surprising to see that the same component used in a slightly different hardware configuration can give much better results.


Conclusion: UserBenchmark may not be as thorough as other standard benchmarking tools, but it is certainly blazing fast and can show you the benchmarking results in only a few minutes.

You can download UserBenchmark benchmarking software from