NetTraffic Shows Realtime Network Bandwidth Usage in Windows

I sometimes hang out at a popular online web chat service called YouNow and enjoy talking to some of my friends there. And usually I do not have to worry about the cost of the internet as I have unlimited broadband at home. But when I am outside my house and using the mobile internet (3G or 4G LTE), then accessing a website like YouNow can result in data charges. You have to make sure that you do not leave such sites open unintentionally without actually using them. For these situations, in order to monitor network bandwidth usage, you can use the free network usage monitoring tool called NetTraffic.

After the installation of the NetTraffic tool in Windows, it will show you a small floating window that displays the network activity in your active network interfaces. Both the download and upload statistic are portrayed in form of colorful charts – green for download and red for upload.

NetTraffic Network Monitoring Tool for Windows

You can right-click on the NetTraffic system tray icon and choose Settings to open its settings window. Here you can choose to let it automatically start with Windows, change the data update interval, choose to use all the network interfaces or just the selected ones, and modify the appearance of the NetTraffic system tray icon.

NetTraffic Network Monitoring Tool for Windows


In the settings window, under the Chart section, you can customize the appearance of the chart displayed for the network traffic. You can choose the colors for the download, upload, and other types of activities. You can also choose whether you want the line chart or the bar chart (default is line chart) to be displayed.

NetTraffic Network Monitoring Tool for Windows

Conclusion: The NetTraffic tool for Windows is a very helpful utility that lets you monitor the network data usage on your computer. It is a small tool, works in all the versions of Windows and is highly customizable.

You can download NetTraffic from