How to Copy All the Links on Any Webpage in Firefox

If you often visit download sites and the download pages of some of the software developer sites (for example, the download page for, then you face the problem of going through dozens if not hundreds of links hidden inside the texts. You can either manually go through the forums or webpages and scour through the text to find all the links or you can use the free Copy All Links add-on for Firefox to do this automatically for you. This excellent add-on finds and copies all the links on any webpage to the clipboard which you can then paste in a download manager or any text editor. The add-on can distinguish between different types of links and selectively copy only a a particular type of links to the clipboard.

After the installation of the Copy All Links add-on in the Firefox browser, you can right-click on any webpage and choose Copy All Links from the context-menu to copy the links to the clipboard. You have to choose whether to copy the links from the current tab or all the open tabs. You can further choose the type of links, for example, the direct file download links or the links to file sharing sites.

Copy All Links

After the links have been copied to the clipboard, you can paste them in any text editor like Windows Notepad or in your download manager that can handle multiple download links. The options for the Copy All Links add-on is limited to enabling the copying of only the clickable links. If there were more options like choosing only JPEG image links or ZIP links, then it would have been even better.

Copy All Links

Conclusion: Copy All Links extension for Firefox allows you to copy all the links on any webpage in Firefox to the Windows clipboard. You are also given the options to selectively copy only the clickable links, direct file links or the links to file sharing sites.

You can get the Copy All Links extension for Firefox from