PDF Eraser : Erase, Add and Edit Image or Texts in PDF Files

PDF documents are the number one choice for transferring the scanned documents over the internet. PDF documents look exactly the same no matter on which computer you open them, as they are platform independent files. They are supported by all the printers – you can scan and convert paper documents into PDF files and print the PDF documents directly from the USB flash key. With so many advantages of PDF documents comes a little drawback – they cannot be easily edited. For editing a PDF file, you would need a costly software suite from Adobe or some third party sites like Nitro PDF or Foxit PDF etc. But if you are in a hurry and do not want many features as offered by PDF editor suites, you can try out the PDF Eraser free.

The PDF Eraser software is a simple PDF editor that can help you erase images and texts from any PDF file. You can also add new text and images anywhere on the PDF documents. There are other features too – for example, the ability to rotate the pages and delete any page from a multi-page PDF document.

Typically, you begin by opening a PDF file that you want to edit. You can do this by clicking on the Open PDF icon in the toolbar and selecting the target PDF file. After this you can choose an eraser size from the toolbar and erase any portion of the PDF document. There are three eraser sizes available – small, medium and large.

PDF Eraser

You can add your image by choosing Add Image icon in the toolbar, selecting an image file and then choosing a placement target on the PDF file. Similarly, you can add new text on the PDF document by choosing the Add Text icon in the toolbar. You can also choose the font face, font size and font color for the text you are adding.

In the free version, it saves the PDF document without any problem, but adds a large “PDF Eraser Free” banner on the destination PDF document which looks rather annoying. If you do not want this banner, then you will have to get the paid version.

PDF Eraser

Conclusion: PDF Eraser is no-nonsense PDF editor for Windows. It can edit all types of PDF documents, allows you to remove images or text and  add your own images and text to the PDF files.

You can download PDF Eraser from http://www.pdferaser.net/.