Enable Two Factor Authentication (Login Approvals) in Facebook

Two factor authentication is a security measure against password theft of your online accounts. It is available for many different online accounts like Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail etc. If you enable two factor authentication for an online account, then you would be sent a code to your mobile phone before you can login to your account. You can also use a configured app to generate these codes on Android or iPhone smartphones. Facebook calls the two step authentication feature with a different name “Login Approvals”. You can add your mobile number to your Facebook account to benefit from the two step authentication and make your Facebook much more secure and hack proof.

Here is how you can enable two factor authentication (login approvals) in Facebook:

  1. Visit the Facebook website in a web browser on your computer, login to your Facebook account and then open the security settings section (https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=security).
  2. Under the Login Approvals section, select the checkbox labeled Require a security code to start enabling the two-factor authentication.Facebook Two Step Authentication
  3. It will explain to you what Login Approval feature can do for you and how it can enhance your Facebook account security. You have to click on Get Started button to continue.Facebook Two Step Authentication
  4. If you have not added a mobile phone to your Facebook account, then the next steps will allow you to add a new mobile phone number and verify it. You should not add any phone numbers that cannot receive SMS codes. Click on the Continue button to proceed.Facebook Two Step Authentication
  5. You will receive an SMS code on the mobile number in next 5 minutes and you have to type it back in your web browser to confirm the mobile phone. Clicking on the Confirm button shall add the mobile phone.Facebook Two Step Authentication
  6. You will be shown a message telling you that the Login Approvals feature has been enabled for your Facebook account.Facebook Two Step Authentication
  7. Now if you try logging in from a different browser, smartphone or a different computer, you will be asked for a security code sent to your mobile phone in addition to entering your Facebook password.Facebook Two Step Authentication

Conclusion: You can enable the Login Approvals feature for Facebook to benefit from the Facebook’s two-step authentication. This way even if hackers manage to steal your login credentials, they will not be able to login to your Facebook account as they do not have your mobile phone.

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  1. i have my phone and number but why i cant recive a kode generation i have formating once the phone now i dont recive any kode what to do i have tried all the way but no result help pls ?

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