Undela : Deleted Files Recovery Tool

In the midst of the festive season if you accidentally delete some of the important files from your hard disk or other types of storage media, then it can make your holidays a little sour. Although you should try to keep a backup of all the important documents for such incidents, but in case you have already lost your files and have no backup, then you should try to recover the files using tools like Undela. It is a powerful deleted files recovery tool that can be used to bring back the files lost on your hard disk or other types of media like SD cards, USB drives, flash keys and so on.

Undela has a File Explorer like interface and this is why it is very easy to use for the Windows users. You can select one of the disk drives present on your system and then click the Scan button. It also presents the full scan and advanced scan features that can be used to scan deleted files more throughly on your hard disk.


After a scan is complete, which usually takes only a few seconds, you will be show the folders containing the deleted files in a tree-view. Selecting these folders, you can see the deleted files detected inside them. You can right-click on any of these files and choose Recover to restore them back to any folder of your choice. You can even see the previews of some of multimedia files.


Other then simple file recovery, Undela also has some of the special data recovery functions like the ability to recover SMS messages from Android  or iPhone mobile phone files, recovering of Skype messages and the recovering of Firefox URL history to name a few. You can access these special tools from under the Tools menu in the menubar.

Conclusion: Undela is a simple file recovery tool that can help you recover deleted files from your hard disks, SD cards, memory cards, USB disks and more. It supports many of the well known file systems and can work with many different types of storage devices.

You can download Undela from http://www.undela.com/.