How to Erase Everything on the Memory Card in Android

Every Android smartphone comes with some internal memory to hold the Android related data as well as for installing new apps and storing some of your files. For example the new Google Nexus 6 comes with 32 GB and 64 GB of internal memory in two variations. Since this storage space holds your personal data, you should two things before you give away your Android phone to someone else – factory reset your Android mobile phone and erase the memory cards (both internal and external) attached to the phone. This way all of your data stored on the phone is wiped and there is no chance of someone accessing any of the files that could have your personal information.

Here is how you can erase the internal or external memory cards in your Android device:

  1. Open the Android settings in your phone. You can do this by touching the menu button on the home-screen and then choosing Settings or Android Settings.
  2. On the Settings screen, touch the Storage option to open the settings related to storage media like SD cards and USB storage devices.Erase SD Card in Android
  3. Under the Storage options screen, you can touch the Erase Internal SD card or Erase External SD card to erase these SD cards respectively.
  4. You will be shown two confirmation prompts to proceed towards the actual erasing of the data from the selected SD card. You have to go through both these prompts to erase everything from the selected SD cards.Erase SD Card in Android

The SD cards erasing option in Android can quickly remove everything from the memory cards of your Android phone, but it may leave some of remnants of the files that a data recovery professional could recover easily. For extra protection against data recovery, you can use the Fast Wipe app after erasing the SD cards to erase any of the remaining data that could be recovered.

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