Kryptelite : Easy Encryption & Shredding Tool for Windows

Kryptelite is a free version of Kryptel and lacks some of the advanced features that Kryptel provides. It can be used to quickly encrypt files in Windows using the DES cipher which is good enough for encrypting your sensitive data. It also comes with a simple file shredder tool that is able to shred multiple files in one go but without confusing the user with any complicated interface. Kryptel is not portable and must be installed in Windows before it can be used.

Immediately after the installation of this encryption tool, you are asked for the basic configuration settings like placing a desktop icon and adding options to encrypt, decrypt & verify in the File Explorer context-menu. The context-menu for backing up files does not work in Kryptelite but is available only in the paid version Kryptel.


After this, you can start encrypting one or more files by selecting them in the File Explorer, right-clicking on them and choosing Encrypt from the right-click context-menu. It will ask you for a password used for encryption and then encrypt the file using the DES cipher. The encrypted file’s extension changes into .EDC and its icon changes into that of a lock.


You can verify an encrypted file by right-clicking on it and choosing Verify from the menu to see whether it has been altered after encryption or not. In order to decrypt the file, you can follow the same procedure – only selecting Decrypt this time from the context-menu.


The shredding tool of Kryptelite can be used to get rid of the sensitive data in files. This tool overwrites the files with random data before deleting them to prevent data recovery of these files. The shredder tool is also accessible from the context-menu of the File Explorer just like all the other Kryptelite features. It can be used to shred one or more files simultaneously.


Conclusion: Kryptelite is a simple file encryption tool that also comes a basic file shredding tool. It uses the old DES cipher to encrypt files which may not be secure enough for some sensitive information. It does not give any options to configure for the file shredding algorithms.

You can download Kryptelite from

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