Instantly Clean Chrome Browser with SingleClick Cleaner App

The Google Chrome browser is certainly has become the most popular not only for the Android users, but also for the desktop PC owners. It is fast, secure, highly customizable both for an ordinary user and the advanced users alike. But like any other web browser, it may start showing a little sluggishness after continued use of a few months and that’s when you have to clean the browser cache to make it faster in response once again. You can use the tools like CCleaner or Clean Master to take care of the browser cache flushing, but you do not have to use those heavy-duty cleaner programs for Chrome. You can do all the necessary cleaning in Chrome using the SingleClick Cleaner app.

Chrome SingleClick Cleaner

The SingleClick Cleaner can clean the cache, browser history, cookies, download history, saved passwords, form data from your Google Chrome browser in a single click. It does not install any icon in the Chrome toolbar, so you have to open the Apps screen in Chrome (chrome://apps) to access the SingleClick Cleaner.

On the SingleClick Cleaner screen, you can choose the items that you want to clean from your Chrome browser. You can also choose the time duration for which the history has to be cleaned. For example, you can choose to clean the history of past 1 hour, past 24 hours, past 1 week, past 4 weeks and so on. Clicking on the Clean Selected button will initiate the cleaning and you will be informed when the cleaning has finished.

Chrome SingleClick Cleaner

Verdict: It cannot be simpler to clean the user fingerprints in Google Chrome using the SingleClick Cleaner app. It places all the cleaning options in one place and allows you to quickly get rid of your browsing history in a few seconds.

You can get the SingleClick Cleaner app from