Re-Enable Enables Windows Features Blocked by Malware

Malware infection of a Windows PC leaves the system in a complete disarray even after the malware has been removed. Malware could make any changes in the system that stay undetected by the anti-malware programs or can corrupt the files in such a way that a recovery is completely impossible. However there are some changes that many malware make in Windows that can be easily reversed. For example, some malware block or disable important Windows features like Registry Editor, command prompt, Windows Restore, Control Panel, Run dialog and many more. All these and many other features that are usually disabled by malware can be easily re-enabled by the free Re-Enable utility.

Re-Enable is available in three different packages – small tool that requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework installed, full setup installer package or a portable program. You can download any of these as per your requirements and launch them.


Re-Enable has a straightforward GUI that gives you options to enable the Windows Registry Editor, System Restore, Context-menu, Command prompt, Control Panel, Run prompt, Task Scheduler, Folder options, Task Manager, MS-Config and more. You can check the checkboxes for the features that you want to enabled and click on the Re-Enable button to enable these features. Enabling of some of these features may require that you reboot your Windows PC. After a restart of Windows, you can check all the features to see if they have been enabled.

Re-Enable also comes with some of the other tools that can help you fix your system on which a malware infection has recently been removed. For example, you can access these tools from the Tools menubar to fix the Explorer.exe problems, scan and delete malicious autorun.inf files and so on.


Verdict: Re-Enable can be used to quickly fix some of the problems that come as a side-effect of malware infection. You can use this tool to enable some of the Windows features that malware usually disable to prevent the user from attempting to remove the malware.

You can download the Re-Enable utility from