Make Your Android Device Look Like Windows 8.1 Phone

My friend recently bought a new Nokia Lumia phone that runs on Windows 8.1 Mobile OS. It looks exactly like you are using your Windows desktop computer, only it runs on a touch enabled hand-held device. To my surprise, I found the Modern UI (previously called Metro UI) of Nokia Lumia pretty intriguing. Therefore, I decided to try a similar interface on my Android smartphone using the Metro UI Launcher for Android. This launcher app for Android can turn any Android based smartphone into look like a Windows 8.1 phone with all the features that are expected from the Metro UI.

You can also make you smartphone a Windows 8.1 look using the Metro UI Launcher app. After the installation of the launcher, it launches automatically and shows the familiar Metro user interface with all the usual tiles – Internet Explorer, Store, People, Maps, Control Panel and so on. But if you touch these tiles, they open Android equivalents for the respective tiles. For example, if you touch Internet Explorer tile, it will open the Chrome or Opera browser; if you touch the Control Panel tile, it will open the Android settings etc.

Metro UI Launcher for Android

If you swipe the screen from right to left, it will show you the charms bar as it does in Windows 8 from where you can search files, open settings, share files, and more. You can also swipe the Metro UI screen to open the screen containing shortcuts to all the other apps installed on your device. Along with other things, it also shows the battery charge level, date, time and the network signal strength on the home screen.

Conclusion: You can give Windows 8.1 look to your Android phone using the Metro UI launcher app. Metro UI launcher mimics the Windows 8.1 very smartly and gives you all the options you could have expected from a Windows 8.1 mobile phone.

You can download Metro UI Launcher for Android from

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