Quickly Resize Images with VarieDrop

So you have had a great Christmas day with your family members, friends and loved ones and snapped  hundreds of pictures and now you want to share these great moments over the facebook, twitter or some other social networking platform that you use. Sure you can upload all those large pictures as is, but uploading and downloading these pictures can take some time and is a little uncomfortable for the viewers. What you can do is that you can reduce the resolution of these pictures by resizing them using a free program like VarieDrop.

VarieDrop is a simple image resizing program that has a drag-n-drop interface. You have to specify the size, resolution and other settings for the resizing your pictures. Then all you have to do is drag-n-drop your pictures over the dropzone and voila – everything is done!


As VarieDrop launches, it shows four drop zones that you can customize by clicking on the Set button for each of these zones individually. In the settings for each of these areas/zones, you can choose an output format, format specific settings, resizing parameters, file naming options and the output folder.


You can also choose the common settings that all of these zones follow by clicking on the Options button. Here you can choose a common output folder, add a shortcut to VarieDrop to “Sends to” context-menu, add a desktop shortcut, choose a background color of PNG format, and more.


After you have done setting up VarieDrop to customize it for your image resizing needs, you can just drag-n-drop your pictures on any of the areas and it will silently resize them in the background. You can wait a few seconds, and you will find all the resized pictures in the output folder.

Conclusion: It cannot possibly be easier to resize images than resizing them using the free VarieDrop. Loaded with features and ease of use, it can handle all the popular picture formats and resizes them without losing much of the details.

You can download VarieDrop from http://www.vieas.com/.