NeoSetup Installs Popular Software in Windows

After buying a new Windows PC, installing or reinstalling Windows operating system on your computer, the first thing everyone does is install third party software. For example, I personally install Google Chrome web browser, avast! antivirus, Mozilla Thunderbird email client, 7-Zip archiving utility and so on. But installing all these programs requires visiting many different websites, downloading the software and installing them one-by-one. This can consume many hours of your time wasted in just installing all this software. Instead of sitting in front of your computer, you can use the NeoSetup Updater to automatically download and install the third-party software in Windows without any intervention on your part.

NeoSetup is not only for computers running freshly installed copy of Windows, it is equally useful for older Windows computers. It automatically scans your system for the installed software and presents you with the updates available for them. You can select one or more of the software for which the updates are available and click on the Install button to begin their automatic installation.


You can also go through the various categories of software to find a program that you may find useful. You can choose to select the new software from these categories, as well as re-install the previously installed software to fix any problems related to them.

NeoSetup Updater continuously monitors your Windows system for obsolete software and informs you of any updated versions available using a popup banner near your system tray. You can click on the banner to start the update of the obsolete programs.


Conclusion: NeoSetup Updater can help you quickly install third party software in Windows in an automated fashion. It is also useful in keeping your Windows PC up-to-date by regularly updating the third party programs.

You can download NeoSetup Updater from