SanDisk Memory Zone : Backup and Optimize Stored Data on Android

Even though the internal SD card memory limit in Android based devices has multiplied many times over the past few years, our storage space requirements have also increased at about the same rate. No matter how large capacity SD card you use, it seems to run short of storage space in a few months. The only viable solution is to optimize the way you have stored the data and if possible back it up on some of the free online cloud storage solutions. The free SanDisk Memory Zone app for Android can help you do exactly that. It can backup and optimize the data stored on your Android device for better performance.

SanDisk Memory Zone shows you the available local storage (internal and external SD cards) and the online storage along with quick options to add the online storage accounts. If you touch the OptiMem button, it takes you to a screen where it can move the pictures, videos and music files to your external SD card or an online storage account in order to free up the space on the internal SD card for installing more apps.

SanDisk Memory Zone

Using the menu key on the main screen brings up more options – Backup/Restore, Speed Test etc. The Backup/Restore tool allows you to backup or restore your data either on the local storage or on the online storage accounts. The Speed Test tool checks the speed of your memory card and suggests how you can improve performance of your device by replacing it with a better SD card.

SanDisk Memory Zone

If you do not want to buy another card, then you can simply expand the device memory by adding an online cloud storage account. The SanDisk Memory Zone allows you to add Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Picassa, SugarSync etc. In the settings of the app, you can password protect the app, choose the OptiMem settings, backup/restore settings and more.

SanDisk Memory Zone

Conclusion: SanDisk Memory Zone is simple app to optimize and backup your data. It can also expand your memory storage by quickly adding some of the popular online cloud storage accounts.

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