SimpleDLNA is Easy to Use Media Server for Windows

When you look for media server software on the internet, you often will find large software suites with many features you do not even need. Such media servers are difficult to configure, but they also consume a lot of your system resources. More often, the Windows users are looking for a simple DLNA based media server that they can use to watch some videos on their television screen or share the videos over they mobile devices. In that case, the free SimpleDLNA can fulfill your requirements easily. It is a portable DLNA based media server that can serve audio, video and images over the WiFi network in your home, office or school using the DLNA technology.

As the SimpleDLNA is a portable media server software, you can just download it, extract to a folder and start using it by launching the SimpleDLNA.exe file. It also comes with a command line utility but most of the Windows users will find the GUI version much easier to use. You have to click on the New button to add a new server.


This will open up New Server window where you can specify the name of the server, type of media files it serves (video, audio, images) and the directories it is going to serve the files from. You can add one or more folders containing your media files.


Back into the SimpleDLNA main window, you can select the newly added server and then click the Start button to start this server. You will notice a port number in the window’s titlebar – you have to use your local computer’s Ethernet IP address and this port to connect to the SimpleDLNA media server.

For example, if your Windows PC’s IP address is and the port number being shown in the titlebar of SimpleDLNA is 55760, then you have to use http://192.168.04:55760 to access the media server on the WiFi. The following screenshot displays connecting to the SimpleDLNA in the Android BubbleUPnP media client.


Conclusion: SimpleDLNA is a no-nonsense media server for Windows. It is portable, fast and does not require much of configuration to start streaming media files from your Windows PC to the WiFi network using the DLNA technology.

You can download SimpleDLNA from