Download & Backup Pictures from Your Instagram Feed

Instagram has become so popular, that when now people meet they ask for each others instagram (insta or ig in short) unlike their mobile numbers like in the old days. Instagram is a great way to stay in touch with someone and follow the events in their lives through the pictures and short videos posted by them. Many celebrities including US President Barack Obama use instagram to share their everyday events through the vibrant pictures. If you have posted a picture on instagram but have deleted it from your phone, then you can download them back using the Free Instagram Download tool. You can also use this tool to create a local hard disk backup of your instagram pictures.

Free Instagram Download is a freeware from DVDVideoSoft that helps you download the pictures from your instagram feed. All you have to do is copy and paste your instagram web address in this program. This program has a convenient Paste button for pasting your instagram web address.

Free Instagram Download

As soon as you paste the instagram address into Free Instagram Download, it starts to fetch the list of pictures on that address. You can then click on this playlist and select which of the pictures you want to download. Finally back in the main interface, you can click on the small download button against the selected files to start the downloading of the pictures.

Free Instagram Download

All the downloaded pictures shall be placed inside the Pictures folder of your user profile in Windows (usually %UserProfile%\My Pictures). You can open them, backup them on a USB disk drive or store them on a cloud storage account to safeguard them.

Free Instagram Download

Conclusion: Free Instagram Download is a great tool to backup your Instagram pictures to safeguard them from accidental deletions from instagram accounts. You can download the pictures for printing them or storing them away safely for future.

You can download Free Instagram Download from

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  1. This program is useless. I downloaded it, entered an Instagram profile and it didn’t detect any photos or videos. What a waste of time.

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