Save Email Attachments to OneDrive

Microsoft is always working hard to provide its users with the best online experience and in their latest attempt, they have added a new feature to the webmail service using which you can save email attachments directly to your OneDrive cloud storage account. This way you do not have to first download the attachments to your PC or smart phone and then upload them to your OneDrive account. You can directly save the important attached files to your OneDrive account from where you can access the saved files on any device you want and may even share them with other people using the OneDrive sharing features.

The “Save to OneDrive” option works for all kinds of email messages – the ones that you send to other people (usually stored in the “Sent” folder) and the messages that you receive in the “Inbox” folder. In order to save the attached files to your OneDrive account, all you have to do is open the email message having the attachments and then click on Save all to OneDrive link shown at the bottom of the attachment preview. Save to OneDrive

This will initiate an upload process – uploading the attached files from the email message to your OneDrive cloud account. The process copies the files directly on the Microsoft servers and there is not need of downloading the files locally first. You will see the informational message about the uploading of the files. Save to OneDrive

After the attachment files have been copied over to your OneDrive account, you can access them from the Attachments folder in OneDrive. There seems to be no visible way to change this folder to something else, but there is no problem having all your email attachments in this folder either. Save to OneDrive

Conclusion: has made it very easy to store the email attachments to your OneDrive cloud storage account. Through this new feature, the users can now manage their attachments better and even share them with the rest of the world.