How to Enable and Use Firefox Share Services

The new release version of Firefox, version 35, has come up with some of the new features that were only available in the beta versions so far. One of these features – Firefox Share Services allows you to share any web page or online content with your followers and friends on various social platforms. This feature is built inside Firefox and does not require any additional add-ons to be installed. Once enabled, you can use this feature to share any webpage to social networks like twitter, linkedin, facebook and more.

Here is how you can enable and use the Share Services in Firefox:

  1. First of all you should update the Firefox browser to the latest version as the sharing services are available in Firefox versions 35.0 and above only.
  2. Click on the paper-plane icon in the Firefox toolbar and click on the Take me there! button to visit the Firefox web page that lists all the available share services you can use.Firefox Share Services
  3. On the Firefox share services directory page, you will be able to view a list of all the available share services like Google+, facebook, cliqz, delicious, twitter, pocket, mixi, sphere, tumblr and many more. You have to click on the Activate Now button for these services to add them to Firefox.Firefox Share Services
  4. Once a service is activated and added, you can again click on the paper-plane icon in the toolbar and choose one of the social sharing services to share them with your friends.Firefox Share Services

Conclusion: Firefox has made it very easy to share online content with your friends using the Share Services feature that is now built inside the Firefox web browser. You can activate and add as many sharing services as you want and use them right from the Firefox toolbar to share the webpages.