AwayVir : Clean Viruses, Trojans and Malware

If your Windows PC has become infected with malware, then you are left helpless as most of these malware cripple your system by disabling all the system tools (like registry editor) and block access to the security related websites. If you try to visit an antivirus software website, you are redirected to some other website – preventing you from removing the malware. In such situations, you have to start by disabling all the non-Microsoft software and scanning your PC with some good antivirus. The free tool AwayVir can do exactly that – it can automatically disable all the non-Microsoft software and allows you to remove the malware without any trouble.

Since AwayVir website could also be blocked on your infected PC, you can download this tool on a USB pendrive from a different computer and then use it on the infected PC. As you launch this tool, it shows you a simple GUI where you have to click on the big Start Cleaning Viruses button.


On the next screen, you will be shown a informational window telling you about how the deactivated programs can be reactivated once again. Clicking on the Start button will result in a reboot of your computer. All the third-party software shall be disabled and you would see Windows as if you have installed it afresh.  The infected files remain on the hard disk but they are disabled so they cannot cause any harm. Now you can use any of the classic anti-virus solutions like AVG, avast! or Avira to scan and clean your PC.


Once the cleaning has been completed, your PC should not hold any infected files. This is when you can start AwayVir once again and select Extras → Programs menu. Here you can reactivate all the programs that you know to be trustworthy. If you are in doubt about a program, then it is better to leave it deactivated. If a program file is corrupted, then you can re-install it once again.


Conclusion: AwayVir is a smart tool that helps you remove the viruses, trojans and malware from any infected Windows PC. It deactivates all the unverified non-Microsoft software so that you can easily scan your PC with any standard antivirus product.

You can download AwayVir utility from