How to Find Noisy Tabs in Google Chrome Browser

I like to go through the humdrum of work life while listening to online radio stations with my headphones to make the work life a little enjoyable. Listening to various talk shows on the radio not only entertains you, but is also great boredom killer – not to mention you get to know about the things happening all over the world. But when sometimes you are enjoying a talk show on NPR and doing your work, suddenly a blaring sound emerges from nowhere and leaves you in a state of shock for a few seconds. Usually, these strange sounds come from various websites open in your web browser that keep loading some video or audio content in the background.

Fortunately, it is very easy to find and close these noisy tabs if you are using the Google Chrome web browser. The developers who work to design Google Chrome have already realized this problem and they have made it very easy to find which of the tabs are producing the unwanted sounds in the Google Chrome web browser.

Find Noisy Tabs in Chrome

All you have to do is run a glance through all the tabs. The tab that is producing the strange sounds will have a speaker icon appended to it. Because of this speaker icon, you can identify it in a fraction of a second. You can switch to this tab and either close the tab or examine what type of media is being played by the site opened in that tab (it could be something important). The audio speaker icon is displayed no matter what type of content is producing the sound – audio files, videos, skype, online video chat etc.

Conclusion: Chrome makes it very easy to find and stop the browser tabs that are producing the unwanted background sound. You can either close such tabs or examine the content producing the sound in those tabs.